Privacy Policy

At Direct Personal Loans we understand that privacy is of the utmost importance. Therefore we are committed to take all reasonable care to protect and safeguard the information provided on this website facility with confidentially and privacy principles at all times.


In Accordance with the Privacy Act I hereby give permission and/or authorise Direct Personal Loans to obtain the following information about me {the applicant} for the purpose of providing me {the applicant} with credit, they will include:


1. The processing of your loan application and to prove your ability to repay, you must provide us with your {the applicant}

Personal Details, [Address, Phone, DOB, Drivers Licence, Email, Gender, Occupation, Bank Details,]

Income and Expenses, [Such as Other Loan balances, Payment history and other financial information,]

for the purpose of collecting your personal information and relevant data to access and process  your application for our credit product and assist you in obtaining a loan.


2. I understand that my {the applicant} personal information and other relevant data, is required and hereby is consenting to sharing it with a third party to assist with the application regarding creditworthiness. Examples include consumer credit reporting agencies, other lenders, identity verification/employment, verification of referees names in the application and/or in connection with the collection of over due payments.


3. I understand that completing the application DOES NOT imply I’ll {the applicant} be given finance. I have been expressly warned not to apply for credit if I am unable to repay it. I will NOT provide inaccurate, incorrect, misleading or fraudulent information. To do so I am aware that the relevant information will be passed onto fraud prevention and the relevant law enforcement agencies, which have use of this information.


4. I understand that Direct Personal Loans will preserve the content of any email that is sent to them, as it is legally required by law. Where appropriate we will record email address, IP address and home server domain address, on our confidential customer database.


5. I understand that when we interact with certain websites we receive and store types of information example: “cookies” It assists us in monitoring with the use of the website and provides us with information on what is popular to out customers and further assists new users on line.